Convicted Mobster’s Mafia-Themed Restaurant Will Not Serve a Horse Head With Your Spaghetti

Angelo Lutz's three-year-old restaurant expands to a larger space as he chases his dreams of being a "cook, not a crook."

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Matt Rourke / AP

A convicted mobster has decided to leave the gun and take the cannoli.

Today the Associated Press profiled Angelo “Fat Ange” Lutz’s three-year-old Italian restaurant The Kitchen Consigliere, which moved to a larger location in Collingswood, N.J. a suburb of Philadelphia, last week. Lutz, 49, who was convicted on gambling, racketeering and extortion charges and sentenced to approximately nine years in a federal prison, told the AP he raised the funds for his recent restaurant expansion via crowdfunding campaigns because his felony convictions made him ineligible for a loan.

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The menu has come a long way from the homemade pizzas he made in prison using a microwave and stolen flour from the kitchen, featuring Italian comfort food that his mother and grandmother would cook while he was growing up in South Philadelphia. At The Kitchen Consigliere, Lutz — who likes to say “I’m a cook, not a crook” — will occasionally serve up a mob-themed dish like pork chops named after Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino, a prominent mob boss in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area. Yelp reviews rave about the sausage dishes.

AP photos of the restaurant’s interior show lamps that look like guns, a “police lineup”-themed illustration next to the restroom door, which looks like it’s covered in bullets, and a mural of Lutz sitting with John Gotti and The Sopranos’s Tony Soprano — all part of the business he has chosen:


Matt Rourke / AP

Matt Rourke / AP

Matt Rourke / AP

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