Where One Man Has Gone Before: Meet the Real Captain Kirk

Only his ship isn't called the USS Enterprise.

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Captain James Kirk
Courtesy of Captain James Kirk

Captain James Kirk will take the helm of the Navy’s newest, fastest, and stealthiest ship: the USS Zumwalt. Wait, what?

The Zumwalt boasts cool new weapons, an onboard power plant, and a captain who shares the name of the storied Star Trek commander (though this Kirk’s middle initial is “A” instead of T”). ┬áThe ship’s brand-new hull design will reduce its radar signature, making it the first of the next generation of warships. Okay, but does it have warp drive or a holodeck?

To be fair, the Zumwalt’s on-deck power plant does produce enough electricity to power 47,000 American homes, which is more than enough to fire off all the phasers needed to fend off the Klingons and save the federation from a brutal intergalactic battle.