17-Year-Old Is Only Participant in World’s First ‘Tri-llama-thon’

He'll also be the only winner in a triathlon involving a clairvoyant llama.

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Franck Fife / AFP / Getty Images

The Bard once wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Meet your newest example of greatness.

A British 17-year-old named Max Bloom will pioneer a new triathlon that involves biking, running, and then, walking a llama. And in his quest for greatness, Bloom will be enlisting the help of a famous llama, who was able to very nearly predict the outcome of the FA cup. Bloom and his clairvoyant llama will set off tomorrow.

Bloom is either the world’s most sincere llama enthusiast, or a very precocious troll. He tells the Kent and Sussex Courier that he thought about the triathlon and “wanted to give it a South American twist.” He is attempting to raise money so he can take a gap year and do volunteer work in Chile.

“I am most looking forward to walking with the llama,” Bloom said, adding that he hopes to see this become an annual tradition—just man and llama, walking side by side.