Report: Super Ugly Google Barge Is For Exclusive Google Glass Parties You Aren’t Invited To

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© Carlo Allegri / Reuters / REUTERS

Google founder Sergey Brin models an early prototype of Google Glass in September 2012

Sources told a local San Francisco CBS affiliate that the super secret, 40-foot barge found floating off the coast of Treasure Island is actually “dazzling showrooms” and a “party deck” for Google to showcase Glass, and not a top secret laboratory where the tech giant is curing AIDS or testing time travel.

Sure, the barge is displeasing to the eye — a superintendent for the construction company that worked on the San Francisco building (there’s also one in Portland, Maine) even told Reuters, “Who’s going to want to climb up in there? It’s really ugly.” — but we’re sure that that won’t stop Silicon Valley’s elite from trying to nab an invite to the hush-hush destination.

CBS reported of the “invite-only” barge:

A source who has been onboard the vessel, which is moored off San Francisco’s Treasure Island under tight security, told KPIX 5 the first three floors are designed to serve as “dazzling showrooms” that can be outfitted with chrome features and floor lighting. There is an upper “party deck” meant to feature bars, lanais and other comforts so Google can fete its upscale customers.

Adding to the intrigue, Google has said nothing about its relation to the barges and has even successfully made U.S. Coast Guard officials sign a non-disclosure agreement after inspecting the location. ‘Cuz that’s not sketchy at all.