The Gospel According to Brit Brit: Musical Tells the Story of Christ Through Britney Spears Songs

And on the 8th day, God created Britney.

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Stephen Lam / Reuters

How the tables have turned: now Britney's going to be in the audience, as the new X Factor U.S.A. judge

It’s Britney, b*tch.

Andrew Lloyd Webber may have just been one-upped by Patrick Blute who has created SPEARS: The Gospel According to Britney, a musical that chronicles the life and times of Jesus Christ through the unlikely pairing of pop songs by Britney Spears. In promotional materials for the musical, Blute asks the question that is on many minds: “Is it the greatest story ever told to the greatest music ever written?” The only way to answer that question is to be in the Foxwood Theatre on Nov. 7 for the musical’s one-night-only Broadway run.

According to the musical’s website, Blute laid out songs from the Britney oeuvre like “Stronger,” “One More Time” and “Crazy,” into a narrative that tells the tale of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While some Christians may find the concept eyebrow raising, on his website, Blute assures potential attendees that the show is not sacrilegious and instead is the perfect outing for churchgoers who also love Britney. “It appeals to those from a religious background because it tells an essential story using fragments of pop culture in a non-offensive way,” the 23-year old Columbia University graduate explained.

The show was originally staged in April 2012 at Blute’s alma mater, where it played for a sold out crowd. Judging from the Britney-themed enthusiasm around the TIME office, we have to assume Thursday’s show will be just as packed.

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