Hold the Ciroc: Diddy Changes His Birth Date Because He Can Do Whatever He Wants

We would too if we were crazy rich.

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When you’re a successful hip hop artist, you can do whatever you like.

P. Diddy has changed his name several times from the original Sean Combs (which he still uses for film roles); he was behind much of the most popular hip-hop of the 90s (in the 2000s…not so much);¬†ran the New York City marathon (coming in a respectable 11,359th place); appeared on Downton Abbey (sorta) and he’s even recently started his own cable network (and he’s going door-to-door to promote it for TimeWarnerCable).

So if you can do all those things, what else is there left to do?

Well if you’re Puff, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy or Swag, you can change your birthday.

Initially when his mom Janice gave birth to him, it was on Nov. 4, 1969. But he’s a busy man so he’s pushing it back just 12 days, he tweets:

Still not sure what his plans are, but now he’s got almost two weeks to figure it out so it better be good.