Don’t Bring a Meth Pipe to Your Court Hearing for Meth Possession

Word to the wise.

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Larry W. Smith / Getty Images

A police officer holds meth taken during a bust.

If Walter White had a book of cardinal sins in the meth business, this would probably be one of them.

Steven Todd Campbell, 51, a Longview, Wash. man accused of methamphetamine possession, showed up for a hearing at a Cowlitz County courthouse. He was asked by security to empty his pockets and into the tray fell what else? A meth pipe covered in brown residue, according to the Longview Daily News. The deputy operating the scanner instantly recognized the pipe, even though Campbell tried to cover it up with a piece of paper.

He was arrested on suspicion of possession of the drug and later tested positive for use of meth. He told deputies he intended to hand the pipe over, but it’s not clear if he intended to take a few more hits first.

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