Introducing the Latest Questionable Food Hybrid: Turkey Donuts

We're equally fascinated and grossed out.

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Just when you thought food hybrids couldn’t get any grosser (see: Waffle Tacos), a new pastry is raising eyebrows in New York City.

In honor of Thanksgivukkah, Zucker Bakery in Manhattan is offering a unique “dessert” for those of us who just can’t decide which holiday to celebrate. The sugar-powdered Hanukkah pastries are stuffed with a variety of Thanksgiving staples—Turkey, cranberry sauce, even–ew–gravy. And while the idea sort of makes us want to vomit, the picture makes them appear quite tasty, or, at the very least, edible.

The jury is still out on turkey doughnuts, but we think this questionable (unholy?) food marriage is probably better suited for Halloween, since the concept is prettttty terrifying.

(h/t: Grub Street)