Need Advice? Vine King Jerome Jarre Asks Random Strangers to Enlighten You

Mind you, we're not saying it's good advice.

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If your daily horoscope just isn’t cutting it anymore, and you’re done making major life decisions based on fortune-cookie wisdom, now you can get free advice from the most opinionated people on the planet: chatty New Yorkers.

Vine creator Jerome Jarre, who has posted hundreds of six-second videos of hilariously awkward encounters with strangers, is flipping the script and letting the people he films do the talking for a change.

“What is the most important life lesson you’d like to share right now?” the 23-year-old Frenchman asks in his new project, Humans.

Here are some of our favorite responses so far:

The Chillaxed

“I would like to tell the world to slow down, take a break & relax like I am doing here today.” – Pierre

The Pragmatist

“Life isn’t easy, so you better have a damn good time while you are here.” – Roy

The Idealist

“Share Respect & Admiration for each other all over the World” — Joseph