This Is How Much Money You’ll Make Based on Your Personality

Surprise, surprise: the more self-motivated and driven you are, the more money you'll make.

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If you spent a lot of time on the Internet as a teen, you’ve taken approximately a bajillion personality tests. At least one was probably the hugely popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which sorts people into 16 different groups with 4-letter names.

The test, based off of Jungian psychiatry and developed by mother-daughter author duo Katharine Cooks Briggs and Isabelle Myers Briggs in 1962, is supposed to tell you if you are introverted or extraverted, intuitive or sensing, thinking or feeling and perceptive or judgmental. Each combination–INFJ or ESTP, for example–is representative of different characteristics, behaviors and preferences.

The types can then be divided into four groups: artisans, guardians, idealists and rationalists.

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Web Talent,

Career Assessment Site, maintained by Jonathan Bollag, recently published an in-depth infographic that shows exactly how much money different personality types will likely make in their lives.

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Web Talent,

Unsurprisingly it’s ENTJs, who are known to be outgoing, self-motivated, driven and competitive, who earn the highest household income by a landslide, averaging over $80,000 per household. Meanwhile the artistic crowd, like shy and emotional INFPs, are the lowest earners, averaging around $60,000.

You can see the full Myers-Briggs infographic here.

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