Hey, Y’all: Southern Accents Voted Most Attractive

We're sure if "Valley Girl" was an option that like, totally would've won.

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Everyone knows that having a British accent makes men approximately 300 times more attractive, but which American accent makes both genders swoon? According to a survey by dating site Cupid.com, the sing-song honey sweetness of the Southern accent is the country’s sexiest, and by a pretty significant margin.

According to a press release, Cupid.com surveyed 2,000 men and women and determined that 36.5 percent of respondents voted the Southern accent the most attractive, with more men preferring it over women. This should come as no surprise, according to Cupid, since “when it comes to romance, most of us dream of long lazy days in the sun, epic sunsets and, ahem, rolls in the hay.”

As for the least attractive accent? The Midatlantic accent, possessed by people in states like Pennsylvania and Delaware, came in dead last, with only 4 percent of the total vote. Think it has something to do with the way we pronounce “water?” (Wooder.)

Here are the full results:

Rank and total
1st Southern – 36.5% (45% male/28% female)
2nd New York –16.5% (10% male/23% female)
3rd Western – 13 % (16% male/10% female)
4th New England – 10.5% (8% male/13% female)
5th New Jersey –7% (4% male/10% female)
6th Canadian –7% (3% male/11% female)
7th Midwestern – 5.5% (8% male/3% female)
8th Mid-Atlantic – 4% (5% male/3% female)