Finally You Can Sleep And Shower At The Same Time

Standing up is SO last year.

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You need a shower to wake up, but you can’t wake up until you have a shower. It’s the chicken-or-the-egg phenomenon for the modern, non-farming set.

Luckily, technology is here to help and we can finally live the dream of the future promised to us by The Jetsons. That’s right, someone has invented a shower that you can take while you are lying down.

The Horizontal Shower, created by the geniuses at Dornbrach, a German manufacturer, and designed by Sieger Design, is a series of six showerheads that sprinkle down on you as you kick back on a reclining surface. To make the prospect of taking a shower while you snooze even more enticing, the showerheads can be programmed to provide varying water temperature, intensity and flow.

In the words of everyone’s favorite informercials: But wait, there’s more! Users can also make use of various showerhead settings that are designed to provide balancing, energizing, or de-stressing effects for those lucky to live in a home large enough to accommodate a reclining shower system.

Now if someone could just invent a reclining shower bed that we can take to work.

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