Hated People: You Can Now Buy a $20K Bulletproof Suit

Because James Bond is real life

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A Canadian tailor is releasing what will hopefully be the least practical outfit in your closet: a $20,000, bulletproof, three-piece suit. In tweed and pinstripe!


Employees at upscale Garrison Bespoke were encouraged to try to stab co-owner Michael Nguyen with a hunting knife to prove the suit’s durability to the press. The company website assures potential buyers that, “no matter the conditions — rain, shine, or even snow” (or, you know, a hailstorm of bullets) ” — our clients are readily clothed in the best garments tailored precisely for their lifestyle.”

And Garrison Bespoke’s clientele apparently has a lifestyle more akin to James Bond (or James Bond villains) than your average Wall Street Indochino buyer. In fact, spokesman David Tran told AFP that the company decided to make the suit after a client was shot (but survived) on the job abroad.

The suit is lined with carbon nanotube fabric and was designed by a company that makes armor for the U.S. Army Special Forces.

This isn’t the first time the uber-rich have dressed to not get killed. Harrod’s began selling designer Miguel Caballero’s $7,500 bulletproof polo shirt — $9,800 to sustain automatic weapon fire — since 2008. There are also wearable bulletproof clothing lines for children.