Resigned to Being Single Forever? Marry Yourself For Just $300

Maybe your cat can be the ring bearer.

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If you’ve decided that you’ll probably spend the majority of your life binge-watching Netflix with only your cat to keep you warm, cheer up: self-weddings are now a thing.

The “I Married Me” self-wedding in a box is the brainchild of happily married couple Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers, who are currently raising money for their invention on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. For just $300, you get a handcrafted self-wedding ring, instructions for how to perform the ceremony, vows and a pack of affirmation cards. Sounds like the perfect holiday gift for your new age-y aunt.

While it’s an affordable alternative to notoriously expensive wedding ceremonies arranged by couples, we do have one quibble with the wedding in a box: don’t you think you deserve a ring that costs more than $250? C’mon, treat yourself.


(h/t Daily Mail)