10 Cute Things to Buy National Zoo Animals for the Holidays

In the spirit of holiday giving...

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Abby Wood / Smithsonian National Zoo / AP

Rusty the red panda

If you really missed the National Zoo’s panda cam during the government shutdown, then you can show your appreciation by purchasing art supplies for the pandas over the holidays.

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Below are some presents that the Smithsonian institution can buy with your donations, according to the National Zoo’s website (h/t the Washington Post‘s Mark Berman). Note: while zoo animals have fun with these gifts, some of them may not be as fun for your friends and family.

  • Teaser balls ($7)
  • Art supplies ($8)
  • iTunes Gift Card to buy apps for iPads ($15)
  • Mirrors ($25)
  • Pulley system, aka fetch for cheetahs ($48)
  • Tractor tires ($70)
  • Drainage tubes ($75)
  • Rolls of burlap ($63)
  • Climbing structure for a gibbon, tree-dwelling ape ($13,000)
  • Elephant Utilitree, complete with shade, heater, rubbing post, and food pulley ($250,000)

And may we suggest gifting a private security guard to Rusty the red panda so that he doesn’t run away again?

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