Can This Tool Predict Your Next Facebook Status?

Sort of.

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If your Facebook statuses are generally ungrammatical, and often in a stream-of-consciousness mode, then this tool may be able to predict your next one.

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On “what would I say?” — which appears to have been created over the weekend for the hackers conference HackPrinceton 2013 and is being circulated on Twitter — users log in with their Facebook accounts and click the “Generate Status” button. Using a Markov bot, the app takes text from your past Facebook statuses and blurts out one based on what it thinks you would write. And the tool itself does not store your Facebook information; “only your browser ever sees your post history,” according to the site description.

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Some of the ones it generated for me were pretty realistic, based on my tendency to make cheesy puns (“one hoppin’ IHOP”) or posts I made in college (“some needed a Toga 101 lesson”).

And mom, this one is for you: “Got home last night.”

But it’s the random ones like “Dems Prez Dmitry Medvedev gets his groove on Comic Sans You” that make you click “Generate Status” over and over to see what comes next.

That said, the site cannot generate an answer to “What does the fox say?”