Girl Who Thinks Sandwiches Will Get Her a Husband Settles For a Book Deal

Pretty good consolation prize.

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How many sandwiches do you have to make until you get a book deal? If you’re New York Post writer Stephanie Smith, the answer is “less than 300.”

Smith sparked a wave of outrage in September after writing a troll-ish column in the Post about how her boyfriend, New York City developer Eric Schulte, promised to propose to her after she made him 300 sandwiches. “Maybe I needed to show him I could cook to prove that I am wife material,” Smith wrote, echoing tasteless, archaic sentiments that feminists have attempted to stamp out for decades without betraying a single glimmer of self-awareness.

Now, Smith has landed what she probably always wanted anyway: a book deal. Random House’s newest imprint, Zinc Ink, will publish Smith’s accounting of her quest to snag a husband through superior sandwich making. Naturally, it’s slated to hit shelves on Valentine’s Day 2015.

And hey, she’s only 102 sandwiches away from that rock.