ICYMI: Larry David Makes the Most Larry David Face Ever and Here Is America’s Most Popular Lunch Food

All the viral stories we missed this week.

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Every Friday we round up some of our favorite stories we didn’t get a chance to cover throughout the week and publish them in one neat little post. Think of it as our gift to you, only it’s not really free because you’re repaying us in likes and shares. No… thank YOU.

Larry David made the most Larry David face ever at a Knicks game this week. He also wore Dad socks, so props for having such dedication to your personal brand. [Imgur]

Remember the alligator that mysteriously appeared under an escalator at the Chicago airport? Police finally think they know where it came from, so consider that mystery solved. [Chicago Tribune]

A rich guy decided the best way to spend his money was to buy the house next to his ex-wife’s and build a giant metal sculpture of a hand giving her the middle finger. Therapy probably would’ve been a better investment, but who are we to judge? [Gawker]

If you frequently enjoy a Greek salad for lunch, you’re not alone. Studies from Seamless show that the mediterranean dish is the most popular thing ordered during the workday. [Today]

The duo responsible for “What Would the Fox Say?” are back with another viral video, this time of them pranking people into believing they’ve been trapped in an IKEA. [Tastefully Offensive]

Scientists are about to test if we’re all living inside a computer simulation. If we are, can whoever programmed me make my avatar a little cuter? Much appreciated. [Discover]

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