Meet The Rapper Who Wants to Be The Next Cookie Monster

Think "batches" instead of "b**ches"

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We’ve seen the “Harlem Shake,” “Call Me Maybe,” “Gangnam Style,” and “What Does The Fox Say?” become viral dance crazes. Will “Cookie Dance” be next?

The new music video takes place at the home of “Chip Chocolate,” a rapper who “loves his batches…of cookies,” as he put it to TIME. While he takes a bath in milk wearing a giant chocolate chip cookie on a gold chain necklace, “sexy” Girl Scouts bake cookies on the kitchen counter, tossing around a white powder that we can only hope is flour. Guests are breakdancing all over the house until the cows come home (seriously, look out for the people in cow suits passed out by the pool).

“I love cookies so much that when I eat them, I’m so happy that I start to dance,” said Chip Chocolate, played by Jesse Wellens, who also runs a YouTube channel of prank videos. To do the “Cookie Dance,” actors lean back, wave their hands in the air, and then lean forward, pretending to “twirl” a cookie in a glass of milk as they shake their hips.

What kind of cookie, you ask? While Chip Chocolate’s favorite cookie this week is white macadamia nut, he also raps about Pepperidge Farm’s Milano, Mrs. Fields, and Girl Scouts brands. Sample verse:

When I die bury me up on Pepperidge Farms,
With a four sided cookie that’s my lucky charm
P-Pop a cookie, I’m sweatin’
Double stuffed so I’m flexin’
Eat samoas from coasts to coast scream dope fresh if you reppin’

And yes, he is hungry to be the new Cookie Monster, and you can sort of tell at the 43-second mark when he dons a fur coat with a sleeve that looks like a bear claw. “Cookie lane is wide open, and I don’t think Cookie Monster is holding it down any more,” the rapper said. “He’s kind of old. So I’m trying to take over the cookie lane and be the next Cookie Monster. I think Chip Chocolate needs to be on Sesame Street doing the cookie dance.”

Since the single dropped on iTunes in late September, the “Cookie Dance” has already been performed live in Times Square, and Brooklyn Nets NBA players have done the dance and uploaded their version to YouTube.

And rather than encourage kids to eat junk food, Chip Chocolate argues the “Cookie Dance” is good exercise. “If you eat a cookie, and you dance, you pretty much burn the calories off right there.” And he claims the kid-friendly lyrics add another layer of wholesomeness. “Miley Cyrus, you can’t enjoy that with your kids,” he said, hoping his video is something that kids and their parents can watch “over the holidays, make Christmas cookies, and have fun.”

Race you to the cookie jar.