SNL: Obama’s Second Term Needs a Dose of Extra-Strength Presidential Paxil

But will it be covered by Obamacare?

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Does running the United States have you feeling down? Say hello to Paxil: Second Term Strength, the only anti-depressant potent enough to cure dreadful second term woes. “With Paxil you’ll feel like you’re giving a speech at a college campus in 2008,” this mock commercial promises, “or getting bin Laden — all over again.”

This miracle drug treats a whole range of symptoms, including Benghazi, the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Petraeus scandal, that time Jay Z and Beyoncé went to Cuba, and even a real doozy like Obamacare website problems.

Just one little caveat: It’s not covered by Obamacare.