SNL Takes a Crack at a Rob Ford Spoof

With a special additional jab directed at 60 Minutes

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Well, this was inevitable. The ongoing saga of Rob Ford — the embattled Toronto mayor who admitted to smoking crack — is the kind of thing Saturday Night Live writers dream of. But Rob Ford is no pipe dream.

If this had happened during the Chris Farley era of SNL, we all know who would have been enlisted to play the role of Ford. But Bobby Moynihan gallantly stepped up to the plate, dusting off his best Canadian accent, his best crazy-eyed stare and his best all-around erraticism to bring new life to the disgraced mayor.

The sketch kicked off last night’s episode (hosted by Lady Gaga) and, of course, smoked Ford. But another target of the SNL writers’ snark was 60 Minutes, the show that will apparently believe just about anything anyone says — even Ford, who’s known, shall we say, to bend the truth.