Here’s What World-Changing Historic Moments Would Have Looked Like On Instagram

A new Tumblr reimagines the past through a modern lens

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Take a moment and imagine, if you will, what Instagram would look like if it weren’t 60% brunch and 40% sunsets. What if Instagram photos captured majorly monumental historic events? A new Tumblr called Histagrams explores that question by portraying key points in world history — from the Beatles’ first gig to the birth of sliced bread — as they would have played out on the popular photo-sharing app.

Interactive designers Gusto NYC and Gavin Alaoen created Histagrams to put a “lighthearted/comedic spin on history, while also being able to comment on past/current pop-cultural behaviors,” Gusto NYC told Mashable. The idea came to him when he was trying to imagine what Instagram would have been like five years ago — but then, he thought, why stop there?

Some are silly (see: Lincoln snapping a mirror selfie) but others are totally plausible, like Neil Armstrong’s moon landing. Because, like, if you went to the moon, wouldn’t you snap a picture for a totally braggy #latergram?

See some of NewsFeed’s favorites below, and check out the rest over at Histagrams.

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