EVERYONE Says You Should Stop Walking And Texting

88 percent of phone users think it's a bad idea

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Let’s face it: The only time most people put down their smartphone is when they’ve lost or broken it. But apparently walking and texting is just taking things too far.

A new eBay Deals survey asked 100 smartphone users about phone use in public settings like on the road and in the workplace, and while we all rationalize sneaking a text or a tweet an inopportune time, most agree it’s annoying. The survey found that 88 percent of respondents are not a fan of texting while walking across the street, and 62 percent disapprove of leaving a phone on the table during a meal, Mashable reports.

Though 74 percent said it’s wrong to text while talking to someone face-to-face, relevancy seemed to be a justification. An overwhelming 86 percent felt it was fine to look up information pertinent to the conversation.

The dinner table remains a generational dispute; 50 percent of millennials felt it’s perfectly acceptable to text during a meal while only 15 percent of respondents aged 30 and older agreed.

As for the workplace, almost a majority agreed with keeping your phone on vibrate (because who has their ringer on ever?) while 61 percent thinking texting is acceptable. The study also found 70 percent condemned using social media profiles at work — but we all know how busy Facebook is during the day.