For $3,000, You Can Have a Piece of Metal Jewelry Implanted in Your Eyeball

Sure why not.

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This looks slightly less painful.

Typical methods of eye adornment like mascara and eyeliner just not cutting it for you anymore? So over fake eyelashes and colored contacts? For $3,000, you can have a piece of metal jewelry implanted into your eyeball. The future is terrible, isn’t it?

Fox NY reports that an aesthetic eye procedure that has spread from Europe and Los Angeles has officially hit New York, with a woman named Lucy Luckayanko undergoing the inaugural operation. Luckayanko had Dr. Emil Chynn, the medical director at Park Avenue Laser Vision, embed a thin platinum heart in the bottom right corner of her eye.

The small jewelry item sits between the white and clear part of your eye, and according to Dr. Chynn, is pretty safe. There’s no risk of blindness, though Luckayanko could develop an infection if she doesn’t properly care for her eye. Still, the FDA hasn’t approved the procedure, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology issued a warning to Fox NY about the risks associated with it.

Yeah, think we’ll just stick with mascara.