Kellogg’s Isn’t Being That ‘GREEEAAAT’ To Real Tigers and People Are Angry

Activists are pressuring the cereal company to stop using palm oil in its products because the habitat of the Sumatran tiger regularly gets destroyed to make new plantations

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Kellogg’s might love Frosted Flakes’ Tony the Tiger, but activists say that the company likes the cartoon version a lot more than the real thing.

Environmental activists are planning to protest at Kellogg’s headquarters in Battle Creek, Mich. on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. They want to pressure the cereal company to stop using palm oil in its products because Indonesian rain forests, home to the rare Sumatran tiger, regularly get destroyed to make new plantations to make the produce. Some estimates put the remaining population of  Sumatran tigers at just 400.

Kellogg’s says on its website that it has “taken active steps to source sustainably grown palm oil and to help to end the deforestation associated with palm oil cultivation.”

“In fact, all of the palm oil we use today is 100 percent sustainably sourced through a combination of GreenPalm certificates, mass balance and segregated, sustainably grown supply,” the company says.

Although Kellogg’s social media pages don’t show a deluge of palm oil protests, things aren’t looking so GREEEEAAAAT for Kellogg’s on other fronts.

Facebook fans are angry about the use of GMOs:

facebook gmo kellogg


And the labor lockout in Memphis:

Facebook Kellogg's memphis

Bet Kellogg’s would swap for some Lucky Charms right about now.