Man Uses Over 4,000 Christmas Lights to Heat His House

Forget the yule log...

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Getty Images

When the weather outside is frightful… one man stays warm in front of Christmas lights.

In an interview with BBC’s Radio 5, a 40-year-old man named Darrel Piper claims that since September, he has been using 4,050 multicolor lights in one room to heat the house in the Scottish town Dumfries.

The Daily Mail‘s website has photos of Piper’s colorful display, which has been a lifelong dream in the making. “My father only allowed one set on the tree and I told myself when I was old enough I would find as many lights as I could and put them up,” he told the newspaper.

Piper argues the holiday lights setup is less expensive than paying for gas. But before you go try this at home, a blogger for the British news magazine The Spectator points out that it is unlikely that such small bulbs could generate that much energy. Not to mention all of these lights are probably a fire hazard.

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