PHOTO: The Best Protest Tactic You’ve Ever Seen

A protestor puckers up to a policeman during a protest in Italy.

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A demonstrator kisses a riot police officer on November 16, 2013 during a protest in Susa against the high-speed train.

Maybe all we really do need is love?

An Agence France-Presse photographer snapped this image of a protestor during a demonstration over the construction of a high-speed rail in Susa, a tiny town in northwestern, Italy near the French-Swiss Alps.

Protestors descended on the tiny Alpine village Saturday to rally against the construction of a planned high-speed line between Milan and Paris, which critics say is too expensive and comes at great environmental cost.

While previous protests have turned violent with police responding by using tear gas, last weekend’s protest was a peaceful march.

Photographer Marco Bertorello said he watched a young woman run up to one of the riot-equipped policemen, throw her arms around him and lay a kiss on his plexi-glass visor. The young officer closed his eyes and embraced the fleeting moment before pushing her off as it were an attack.