Blind Puppy’s Brother Is His Seeing Eye Dog

In the City of Brotherly Love, no less.

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You’ve heard of seeing eye dogs for blind people, now check out this seeing-eye dog for a blind dog.

A video produced by Engagement Studios spotlights two dogs, Jeffrey and Jermaine, who are approximately eight months old and have been rescued by Operation Ava in Philadelphia after they were found wandering around the city. The shelter believes Jeffrey is blind in his left eye and can probably only see shadows out of his right eye, either due to a congenital birth condition or injury. His brother Jermaine has essentially become his guide, so it’s hard to imagine adopting one without the other.

But they may get a new family soon. The shelter said on its website that it had been accepting applications to adopt the dogs until Nov. 19 and is in the process of sorting through them.

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