Filthy Rich Felines: Cats Left $250,000 and a Mansion in Owner’s Will

Ugh, jealous.

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Meet Frisco and Jake, two cats living in the lap of luxury who were just bequeathed a life savings larger than yours.

NBC Nashville reports that Leon Sheppard, Sr. left his 4,270 square-foot-estate in a gated community behind to his two best feline friends, along with $250,000 that will be used to care for them and the house.

Writes NBC:

According to the will, when Frisco dies whatever is left of the estate including the house can be passed to Sheppard’s human heirs. However, Jake must be cared for. The heirs will be allowed to move Jake out of the house.

BRB, we have a lawyer we need to talk to about a will.