Pharrell Made a 24-Hour Long Music Video for a 4 Minute Song

Will you be "Happy" after listening to the same song 360 times in a row?

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24 Hours of Happy

Don’t have anything to do for the next 24-hours? Why not watch a 24 hour music video? (And you thought Kanye’s new video was too lengthy.)

Pharrell has filmed crazy amounts of footage of beautiful young to adorable old people dancing to create a day-long music video experience for his new single “Happy.” There are even cameos by Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell and Jamie Foxx.

The downside? Infectious as the song may be, it is only four minutes long. Which means that if you actual partake in the whole experience, you’ll listen to the same lyrics on loop 360 times in a row.

Ya game? Here’s the site.