Dog That Actually Ate Owner’s Homework Requires Surgery

I mean, he ate a volcano made out of "pins and chocolate!"

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Getty Images / Vetta

All dogs, including yellow labs like Reggie, can potentially die from eating too much chocolate. All animals can die from eating too many metal pins.

It’s the oldest excuse in the book, but this time Fido really did chow down on his owner’s homework. And in a very un-whimsical twist to this classically quaint tale, he needed some serious medical attention.

RTV6 reports that Reggie, a 2-year-old yellow labrador from Edgewood, Colorado, was taken to an emergency animal hospital after eating his 13-year-old owner’s science project — a fake volcano made out of pins and chocolate candy. Who would have thought that a volcano made out of pins and chocolate might prove dangerous to the family dog? Not Reggie’s family, apparently, who discovered the pooch had fallen victim to the doggie-death-trap’s charms after returning from their son’s football game.

Payton Moody, the project’s designer, and her mother Kara Moody, came back from the game to discover that reggie had knocked the volcano off Payton’s desk and eaten “every last bite.” The dog was immediately whisked away to the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital, where ABC news reports that operating surgeon Dr. Brian Van Vechten removed “pretty much [a] whole box of pins” from the canine’s stomach.

As it turns out, Payton’s potentially lethal choice of materials were the result of different safety concerns. “She used the pins because I didn’t want the hot glue gun around her younger brother,” Kara Moody explained to

Luckily, Reggie did not manage to savage Payton’s newest volcano, and she earned an ‘A’ on the assignment.