Sacrilege! “Jesus’ Toenails” are Only Going for 99 Cents on eBay

Warning: they're "used."

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A picture of the supposed petrified toenails

Right in time for the Christmas shopping rush, a set of what are supposedly Jesus Christ’s petrified toenails are currently up for auction on eBay.

These are not to be confused with auctions for Jesus nail art or replicas of the crucifixion nails.

According to the seller, who is unsurprisingly located in Florida:

While traveling through Europe I went to see a “sear” or as Americans like to call them “psychic”. I stayed in Germany for a couple of months then decided to travel. I found myself in a little border town in the Czech republic. This short little older women whom appeared to be about one hundred and fifty years old popped out of a door way and grabbed my hand. Scarred the bagebers out of me.Then she pulled me into this dilapidated door way and said she had a gift for me. As I held out my hand and looked into her gray eyes I noticed moles on the side of her face with hairs sticking out of them, to me this indicated she was very very old. Then she proceeded to tell me what they were. Well I figured they could not be real because it’s not like I could get a DNA test on them? Who would I ask “God”. Now I figured I would part with them or try to sell them on my own website. Maybe they could find a good home with a curator who believes this is true.

Although there are still three days left in the auction, the bidding is currently only at 99 cents. In spite of the free shipping! Maybe it’s because they’re listed as “used”…

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