Two Concussions Turned This Student Athlete Into a Musical Prodigy

Mom: "He really had no talent."

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It took two sports-related concussions and two weeks in the hospital to turn a musically ungifted student athlete into a prodigy.

“He really had no talent,” Elise Hamilton told Utah’s KSL TV of her son Lachlan Connor. “I would say, ‘Can’t you hear what’s next, Mary had a Little Lamb or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?’ and he’d say no.”

And if your mom says you’re bad, you must really be awful.

But doctors say that Lachlan’s head injuries, which barred him from playing contact sports again, rewired his brain. So while he had to ditch football and lacrosse,  Lachlan found out that he could play 10-13 instruments by ear with ease.

Including two types of bagpipes. Because just one is for musical hacks.