Never Be Alone Again Because Now You Can Buy an ‘Invisible Girlfriend’

Just in time for the holidays!

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Friends no longer buying the line, “But my girlfriend lives in CANADA!”? Still trying to convince people that you “lost your virginity at summer camp to some girl named Chrissie, you don’t know her”?

Lucky for you, lying to your friends and family about your non-existent romantic life just got a whole lot easier.

Meet Invisible Girlfriend, a new digital tool that promises to create a convincing approximation of someone who loves you and wants to have sex with you without having to actually find someone who loves you and wants to have sex with you.

Invisible Girlfriend offers three tiers of service for all of your fake girlfriend needs:

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 10.05.04 AM

Surrendering so utterly and completely to this sad, meaningless charade? That is priceless.

We eagerly await the Invisible Boyfriend version. We’ll pay double if he’ll kill bugs, take out the trash and give us on-demand massages, all without uttering a single word about the new Xbox.