Now You Can Sip Beer From The Hindeburg

The Lowenbrau lager is scorched on the outside but unopened

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You can now savor the taste of history — if you’re willing to find out how well beer keeps after a raging inferno and nearly a century in storage.

A beer rescued by a fireman from the smoldering ruins of the Hindenburg, the zeppelin that famously burst into flames while attempting to dock in New Jersey in 1937, will go on auction in the UK this week starting at $9,710 dollars, The Drinks Business reports.

The beer is described in the auction catalog as “Fire damaged Lowenbrau larger rescued from the remains of the Hindenburg. A standard size green bottle 23cm fitted with a crown top. The bottle is unopened but the label is scorched and damaged from the fire and the top foil is long gone.”

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