Puppy Rescued from Storm Drain to Go Up for Adoption


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A puppy rescued from a storm drain in West Dallas, Texas, Monday is going up for adoption, NBC-5 said Tuesday.

After reportedly spending nine days at the bottom of a storm drain, the labrador mix was lured into a trap with dog food set up by Dallas Fire-Rescue, the Trinity Watershed Management Department, and city animal control officials.

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School teacher Lynda Roth spotted the puppy in the drain and emailed the news station on Nov. 16, claiming that it may be part of a litter born to strays underneath her portable classroom two months ago. While her son kept bringing food for the pup, animal control officials got a call about the dog on Nov. 22. They repeatedly visited the scene, but didn’t see it or hear barking, so they believe they accidentally scared it off, Dallas Animal Services wrote on Facebook.

“Please understand that it is not uncommon for loose cats and dogs to take shelter in storm and sewer drains,” the post said. “Usually they can get in and out on their own.”

People who are interested in adopting the puppy — nicknamed “Stormy” — must show up to the shelter on Dec. 1 for a noon lottery drawing.

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