100 Million People Will Feel Like They Took Acid if This Ad Wins Doritos’ Super Bowl Contest

Start doing the "Doritos dance."

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Every year, Doritos gives away two free ad spots (worth approximately $4 million a piece) to play during the Super Bowl, literally the only time of year in which people get excited for commercial breaks.

While winning filmmakers usually employ talking dogs, babies, or other adorable animals — even goats aren’t off limits — a strange, animal-free submission called “Doritos Dance” is making serious rounds online. Looking like a 1980’s exercise video on acid, the 30-second spot has more than 360,000 views in only five days.

Could this be the winner?

Another internet favorite is by a group of volunteer fire fighters who would donate all proceeds of a potential $1 million prize to the “Union Deposit Volunteer Fire Co.”

Not as funny, but definitely sweet.