WATCH: Comedian Kristina Wong Revels in Asian Women’s Statistical Superiority

Analysis by dating app claims Asian women are more attractive

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Comedian Kristina Wong had a few choice words to drop on Fusion’s Alicia Menendez Tonight this week after news broke about the racial preferences of users on a popular Facebook dating app.

According to analysis, Asian women received the most interest among the app’s male users. When host Alicia Menendez asked for Wong’s reaction, the comedian noted that the results were a bit upsetting because it “feeds into the fetishization of Asian women,” but quickly got over any lingering misgivings by shouting “suck it white ladies!” and gloating that she could “do anything and some white guy will still like this.” She then proceeded to spit on screen and blow in her nose with disregard thanks to the comfort that obviously comes with statistical supremacy.

MOREDating App Reveals Troubling Racial Preferences