Colorado Police are Ruining Your Chances of Getting a Topless Haircut

She says she applied for a "nude license."

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A hairdresser accused of offering topless barber services at $45 a pop was arrested by Colorado police, but not for the reason you might think.

Suzette Hall, 46, isn’t in trouble for her unorthodox styling tendencies but rather because she was allegedly practicing cosmetology at “Rebel Barber” without a license. Hall’s ex-husband told police that she was waiting for her license in the mail and that she had also applied for a “nude license for hairstylists,” which authorities say doesn’t actually exist.

Hall faced similar charges in 2008 for using unauthorized manicure tools and performing permanent makeup services sans license. But the allegations against Hall this time around are far more serious. According to¬†Times Call, her former business partner accused Hall of soliciting “strange men” for sex and leaving used condoms in the company trash can.

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