‘Glasses for Noah’ Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

The Facebook page unites glasses-wearers of all ages.

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A four-year-old boy is realizing that getting glasses is not the end of the world, thanks to Facebook.

Noah’s mother, Lindsey Fisher, recently told WLTX that he burst into tears when he put on his glasses for the first time: “And I finally got him to tell me why he was crying and he said because everyone was going to laugh at him.”

Now, the Facebook page “Glasses for Noah” is going viral, boasting more than 33,000 fans and countless photos of four-eyed adults, children as young as two years old, and even a dog. They share words of wisdom, reassuring the youngster that glasses will make him grow faster and become stronger and more attractive to the ladies.

His mom said Noah’s confidence is already up, but the submissions keep rolling in, as the page has become a place for glasses-wearers of all ages to come together and celebrate their look.

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