Now You Can Have an E-Cigarette With Your Pimm’s at Heathrow Airport

You'll still look like a nerd pulling on a robot cig, though.

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Alessandro Curci / Getty Images

If you thought e-cigarettes were just another fad, you could still be right, I guess. But now there’s a designated e-cigarette zone at Heathrow Airport, which essentially gives legitimacy to e-smokers as a distinct group.

E-cig manufacturer Gamucci set up the 323-square foot lounge last week, ABC News reports. (For the uninitiated: electronic cigarattes are little battery-powered machines that give the user a nicotine fix but produce odorless vapor instead of smoke.)

Previously, e-cig smokers had to do what traditional smokers do: stand outside the terminal. But no longer! Now they can do their “robo-vaping” together as one. (If you want to go find it: it’s located in Terminal 4 by the duty-free shops.)

Overall, people seem pretty cool with the whole vape-lounge idea. A survey conducted by¬†travel search site Skyscanner found that 57% of people wouldn’t mind if other airports followed suit. Obviously more smokers than non-smokers supported the overall concept, but half of all non-smokers were still in favor.

In the meantime, though, the European Union is considering a ban on electronic cigarettes because they “normalize the action of smoking.” And here we thought lawmakers wanted to outlaw them simply because, as Gawker once declared, electronic cigarettes will just never be cool.