Totally Modest Lady Gaga Unveils Life-Size Dolls of Herself

Next up, meat clothes to dress your Lady Gaga doll in

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Shizuo Kambayashi / AP

Lady Gaga poses for photographers with the dolls just like her during a press conference to promote "Artpop" in Tokyo, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013

As if her stunts couldn’t get any weirder, Lady Gaga revealed life-size dolls of herself Sunday.

The terrifying silicon versions of Lady Gaga emit music and messages from their chests, the Associated Press reports. Japanese companies worked with the pop artist’s record label to create what they’re calling the Gagadoll to promote her new¬†“Artpop” album. The prototypes aren’t yet available for sale, which is a shame because they seemed like they would be big Christmas hit.

The dolls, unveiled at an event in Tokyo, were dressed in various flamboyant Lady Gaga costumes. Not to be upstaged by her own dolls, the 27-year-old singer presented them in a red plaid jumpsuit with red plaid coils surrounding her body.