Meet Tufão, the Cutest Dog You’ve Never Heard Of

(Unless you live in Portugal.)

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Everyone, say hello (or olá, as it were) to Tufão. You’ve probably never heard of him, which is tragic. But all that’s about to change. Here he is:

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Tufão lives in Portugal with his owner Raquel Strada, a well-known Portuguese actress and TV host. Tufão has built up quite a reputation for himself thanks to his sizable Internet following. He’s got his very own Facebook page with more than 14,000 likes, and, of course, his own Instagram feed.

But alas, this pup’s fame has yet to extend beyond Portugal. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to make his adorable acquaintance, thanks to one NewsFeed reader who wrote in wishing Tufão made our influential animals of 2013 list.

Here he is being impossibly fluffy and cute with Strada:

And here they are again:

Tufão’s name is Portuguese for typhoon, which makes sense because looking at him is like getting hit with a typhoon of cuteness. For example, when he rides in strollers:

Or when he wears an eyepatch:

Or even when confusing but wonderful things like this happen:

If you haven’t had enough Tufão (because let’s be honest, how could you ever really get enough?) check out the rest of his pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Oh, and his first birthday is coming up on January 17, so if you feel inclined to throw a party in his honor, you better start planning now.


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