Now You Can Get Drunk Off Sriracha

Sriracha vodka, that is.

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Phillips Distilling Company

UV Sriracha Vodka from Phillips Distilling

No need to panic, Sriracha fans.

Sure a California judge has ordered the Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha plant to halt any type of production that could be causing the smell near its Irwindale, Calif. factory, after local residents complained about a spicy odor emanating from building. Yes, a shortage  might be imminent, but you can still get your Sriracha fix, now in convenient alcohol form.

Phillips Distilling has crafted a sriracha vodka with a “blend of chili peppers, garlic and vegetables” meant to mimic the beloved and trendy condiment’s fiery flavor. “UV Sriracha is not too hot, not too spicy and the ideal vodka to punch up a bloody mary or any savory drink,” said Jim Aune, Phillips director of research and development in a press release.

You could put it in a bloody mary, but you could also just dump it into your Top Ramen like you would the real Sriracha. Not that we would recommend that.


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