People Are Naming Their Kids After Breaking Bad Characters

Now we know who the true fans are.

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Breaking Bad actors Aaron Paul (left) and Bryan Cranston

Continuing in the grand tradition of people naming their children after Twilight characters, parents are again turning to Hollywood to decide what they should call their offspring. Now, though, inspiration is coming mostly from television — in particular, everyone’s favorite drama, Breaking Bad.

The name Skyler (a.k.a the wife of Breaking Bad anti-hero Walter White) increased in popularity by 70% in the U.K., according to new data from BabyCentre. And Jesse (a.k.a Walter’s emphatic partner in crime) has increased in popularity by 13%. So, to all you out there who think you’re true Breaking Bad fans: your move.

Other TV shows have influenced parents too, though. Take Homeland, which significantly boosted the names Carrie, Brody and Dana. And then there’s Downton Abbey, which has inspired many baby Violets, who will probably one day bolster the global tea industry. And even Game of Thrones has played a role here, placing the name Arya on the top 100 names list.

Here’s to hoping naming your kid “Jesse” doesn’t mean he’ll end up a methhead.