This is The Most Racist ‘Not Racist’ Ad For a Law Firm

You know it's bad when the main actor says "Confucius say…"

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Whenever you see a white man in a canonical bamboo hat shout “Confucius say,” you know you’re in for a wild, offensive ride.

A law firm — that’s right, law firm — released an ad on its YouTube page in November to woo Asian clientele that entirely demeans them in the process. Definitive Television marketing “guru”  Jim DeBerry dressed up in Chinese garb and novelty glasses (with closed, slanted eyes) as he rattled off stereotype-laden copy touting McCutcheon & Hamner’s personal injury services.

Vice noticed DeBerry, who is available for hire at conventions and work events, defend his Mr. Wong Fong Shu character with a very generic excuse:

racist ad tweet

Although DeBerry’s YouTube posting notes that “Our characters are intentionally provocative,” Vice reports he says that the lawyers came up with the copy. McCutcheon & Hammer later wrote on its Facebook page that its YouTube page was hacked. The video is no longer on its YouTube page, but remained on the production company’s YouTube page as of Tuesday morning.

“Our firm did not approve the latest advertising commercial,” the firm wrote. “We apologize to anyone who has watched the commercial.”

McCutcheon & Hammer is also getting flack online. A recent Facebook post about the firm’s Margarita Ball received a comment (later erased) from a Facebook user who claims he will be attending in black face as he enjoys their racial stereotypes.