Introducing Finger Break-Dancing, Because Real Break-Dancing Is Just Too Risky

Years of texting have prepared you. This is your moment.

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Last week, Red Bull held its 10th annual break-dancing competition, but with a whole new category dedicated to a different kind of break-dancing: the kind that only involves fingers. Because this, apparently, is the world we now live in.

Finger break-dancing — or, as it’s known in hipper circles, “fingerbreaking” — began as a way for dancers to choreograph their moves, as the Wall Street Journal notes in its extremely comprehensive look at this burgeoning trend. The article offers some further detail:

Performed with fingers and, for specialty spins and poses, the entire hand, it is a manual adaptation of break dancing, one that is developing a following on video-sharing gadgets (because the “dancer” is so small, it lends itself well to smartphone cinematography).

And now, following last week’s┬áRed Bull BC One in Seoul, South Korea, the world has its first fingerbreaking World Champion. Red Bull made sure to send all participants tiny Adidas sneakers to wear during their routines, along with mini backdrops that included subway stations, alleys and warehouses.

Because nothing says “street” quite like hand-dancing.