A Franz Kafka Video Game Is Coming But Who Cares Since Life Is Pointless and Nothing Matters

Fingers crossed it includes a cool giant bug, though.

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Good news for fans of alienation and deep inner turmoil: a video game based on the novels of Franz Kafka is officially in the works. And here you thought video games were just about stealing cars or rescuing princesses from castles.

Russian developer Denis Galanin, known for the Hamlet-themed game he released in 2011, unveiled the first trailer for the Franz Kafka Video Game this week:


Galanin hasn’t revealed too many details about the project, which he describes as “a classic adventure game based on twisted Franz Kafka’s novels.” It will be released for iOS, PC, Mac, Android and Linux sometime in 2014, so that gives you plenty of time to revel in nihilism to get yourself pumped.