Not Available on Etsy: This Woman Knits With Her, Uhhh Yeah

And if you live in Australia, you can watch her do it.

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There’s one kind of knitted good that you probably won’t find on Etsy: the kind that comes out a human vagina.

Self-proclaimed craftivist Casey Jenkins, 34, is doing a 28-day performance art piece in which she knits a very long scarf from a ball of wool that she has inserted into her vulva. It’s appropriately titled “Casting off my womb.”

Jenkins is largely doing the project to feel more at one with her body and to try to make vaginas more approachable by pairing them with warm and fuzzy tasks like knitting. “If you really look at the vulva, you realize it’s just a part of the body,” she told  SBS2 Austria. “Nothing’s going to run out and eat you.”

And to answer your burning questions: No, it doesn’t hurt.

“People push babies out of there so it’s a pretty robust area.”

And yes, she keeps knitting through menstruation — although getting the yarn out is sometimes more challenging.

“It’s slightly uncomfortable sometimes,” Jenkins said. “Arousing sometimes.”