This Was The Best Happy Meal Ever

Tennessee couple orders McDonald's breakfast, gets cash, and lots of it, instead

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That’s one way to prepare a Happy Meal.

A Tennessee couple who pulled up to a McDonald’s drive-thru window recently expecting to receive their normal breakfast order drove away with thousands of dollars in cash instead. “My husband opened the bag and discovered the money inside,” Stacye Terry, of Hermitage, Tenn., told Nashville’s News Channel 5. “He said. ‘You are not going to believe this.’ Sure enough, it was their bank deposit money.”

Realizing the mistake, a McDonald’s employee tracked the couple down at their home just minutes away and retrieved the money.

“The second he said it was their deposit, my first thing was let’s get in the truck and take it back,” Terry said. “There is no other way to have it. I couldn’t live with myself.”

No word on what, if anything, the Terry’s finally got to eat for breakfast.

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